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Are you looking for the complete package? You have found it: superior infrastructure is part of the region’s DNA

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Your contact:
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A thriving junction in the heart of Europe with excellent market access, countless clients close at hand, and premium business opportunities. And you can get around easily and quickly. Be it work, family & friends or our beautiful countryside.

Frankfurt is Europe’s „Large City of the future“
Looking for the business-friendly location for your company? Frankfurt ranks first in the fDi Future 2024 ranking, category “Large European cities of the future - overall”.

Location advantage Frankfurt Airport
It’s hard to get by in business without good flight connections? Frankfurt Airport regularly ranks among the best internationally connected airports worldwide.

Frankfurt RheinMain – gateway to the world

A region in the center of Germany and the center of Europe – a natural intersection of roads, rivers, and railroad lines. Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest with numerous daily connections to all major international destinations.

Frankfurt Central Station is one of the busiest rail hubs in Europe, with countless high-speed links to neighboring countries and cities, bringing them all comfortably close to Frankfurt. And there are excellent public transportation links to all the towns in the region. Hardly surprisingly, Frankfurt Central sees nearly 500,000 travelers every day.

For those wanting to travel by car, Germany’s largest autobahn cloverleaf is a mere 15 minutes’ drive from Frankfurt’s central business district with ramps to the main North-South and East-West highways. And when it comes to bulk cargo, several container ports provide access to the European inland waterway network and ocean-going terminals.

The region’s internal connectivity is second to none

Given the metropolitan region’s compact geography, nowhere is far away. The superb public transport system of trams, subways, and trains gets you to your next meeting outside town swiftly. Inside the cities, you can often easily get wherever you want by foot or cycle. Making it an eco-friendly pleasure to live and work in Frankfurt RheinMain. Urban life but also mountains and rivers, meadows and forests always close to your doorstep - one of many reasons to fall in love with our region.


A safe, healthy and secure home

The region offers everyone the luxury of a safe home. The public transportation network is not only well developed but can be used without hesitation even late at night. Frankfurt itself currently ranks among the 60 safest cities in the world, according to the Safe City Index Report.

The region is likewise decidedly child friendly. Not only are there countless childcare facilities, as well as multilingual kindergartens, it is common everywhere for children to be able to walk or cycle to school.

New arrivals and locals alike benefit from the excellent health care system, with numerous renowned clinics, private and public hospitals, as well as countless general practitioners and leading specialist doctors who run their own practices. Needless to say, many offer consultations in a wide range of languages.

We make you feel welcome

Frankfurt RheinMain has been an international trade fair location for centuries now and this is reflected in the region’s profoundly cosmopolitan mindset – we embrace and respect different cultures and languages. It seems only logical that the international community here is one of the largest in Germany. Here, people from more than 180 nations live peacefully together. This is also reflected in the age structure, with Frankfurt recently being labeled as one of the “youngest cities” in Germany.

A place for a sustainable future

With its zest for innovation, Frankfurt RheinMain has long since emphasized sustainability and New Mobility. The latter hinges on special cycle paths, unique bicycle expressways, test sections on highways for e-trucks, and hydrogen gas stations for the fuel-cell cars of tomorrow.

Numerous start-ups and companies in the region are busy driving sustainable growth, from architecture to finance. It was thus only logical that in 2022 the HQ of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) located here – it develops international standards for corporate sustainability reporting. Anchoring the institution in the financial center will help make Germany the leading location for sustainable business. And it will help secure Frankfurt’s position as a financial center in a truly sustainable manner.

Become a part of it and set up your business in Frankfurt RheinMain.

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