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Quality of life

An ideal place to put down roots

Frankfurt RheinMain is not just one of the top business locations in Europe – the quality of life it offers is as good as it gets

Nature near and far

In Frankfurt RheinMain you can step out your front door and be in parks, the countryside, or scenic vineyards in next to no time.

Feel at home – be at home

Wherever you come from, whatever music you listen to, whatever the pace of life you want: You’ll feel at home here and soon be at home here, in bustling Frankfurt RheinMain.

See for yourself!

Ranked as one of the best regions globally

With good reason. Here, everyday life is safe. The quality of life is outstanding. And life can be as varied and as active as you want: Go for a walk or a jog in the woods, bike or picnic, enjoy culture and a vivid nightlife, practice your religion – in Frankfurt RheinMain you can do it all.

  • 3rd place for personal security: The Safe City Index underscores the low crime rate. Frankfurt is one of the safest cities in the world.

  • 6th place for quality of life: The Mercer Quality of Life ranking regularly confirms Frankfurt is quite simply one of the best places globally to enjoy life.

  • 7th place for most livable city in the world: Not only is Frankfurt in The Economist 2022 Global City ranking Top Ten, but is clearly the most livable city in Germany.

    All good reasons why Frankfurt RheinMain is your obvious choice.

Where leisure time is prime time

As all Frankfurt RheinMain inhabitants well know: There are plenty of fun things to do and visit here. During the day you can choose from a huge range of museums, art galleries, sport activities or retail outlets. And in the evening, you’ll love the selection of restaurants – offering world cuisine. A perfect start for a night ending with theater, the opera, the ballet or one of our roof top bars and clubs.

Cultural life

Treat yourself

Spend a day at one of the grand health spas such as the Kaiser Friedrich Therme or the Kaiser Wilhelm Therme – small wonder they’re named after German emperors! Wander around the world-famous Riesling vineyards surrounding the Eberbach Monastery and enjoy one of the regional wine tastings. Or go mushrooming in the forest.
It’s simply a pleasure living here. Round things out with fine dining, be it in a Michelin starred vegan restaurant or in a Korean street-food joint. Or, if you want to cook yourself in your home-away-from-home: An array of international supermarkets mean you can buy all the ingredients you want. Or alternatively taste your way through the local farmers’ markets and specialty food halls.

 Feel welcome in our region

Liven up your day in the office

In Frankfurt RheinMain, taking a lunch or a coffee break outside is like stepping into a different world: Wander round the parks, along the Main or Rhine riverbanks, or through the shops. You won’t need to rush as they’re all just outside the office. And after work pop into a bar or café to meet friends. Or simply head home. Nothing is far away.


Meet and mingle

The great thing about being a parent in Frankfurt RheinMain is not just that your children will benefit from good kindergartens, schools, and first-class medical support if need be.
But also that you will meet countless parents who like yourself have made the region their second home. Be it at one of the bustling playgrounds, in the park, at one of the kids' shows in museums and theaters, or simply when picking up the toddlers from daycare. And you’ll be able to relax knowing that Frankfurt RheinMain is about the safest and most-livable home you can offer them worldwide.

 The place to raise your family

Sports paradise

You’ll have no trouble keeping fit in Frankfurt RheinMain. Be it on your own, at a studio, or in a sports club. Choose from tennis or triathlons, from hiking to marathoning, from cycling to cross-fit to cricket, from skateboarding to wakeboarding, from roller-skating to rugby. Indoors or outdoors. Swim in pools or in one of the countless lakes and choose from more than 30 golf courses to train your skills.

And for those who prefer to be spectators: The region is home to one of Europe’s most-followed football clubs: SG Eintracht Frankfurt is as successful at the European level as it is in the Bundesliga. And the stadium is renowned not just for its VIP boxes, but for being fun and family-friendly.

More reasons to opt for our region

The world’s local home

We celebrate diversity.

People of 180 different nationalities live in the Frankfurt RheinMain region. People from a multitude of different cultures, nationalities, and religions, as well as LGBTQ groups, find accessibility and inclusion the everyday norm. And this is truly celebrated in the form of regular parades and street parties where everyone gets together.

European cultural center

Discover museums, orchestras, concerts, and exhibitions that can stand their own in any international comparison. At the center of it all, Frankfurt, the birthplace of techno, with one of the best-known club and party scenes In Germany. Not to mention the countless rooftop bars and festivals of all kinds when summer comes calling. Hardly surprisingly for such a cosmopolitan region, you’ll find all the music genres playing live: from classical, jazz, rock, and pop, to techno.

Dress up for an evening out at Germany’s marvelous ‘old’ opera house or enjoy theater in a variety of languages. Feel connected to the past and enjoy exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites and items, such as the Gutenberg Bible or the fossil paradise at Grube Messel. Scramble about ancient castles or simply listen to an accordion in a timeworn tavern.

The region is famous for its outstanding art museums and collections – be it the cutting-edge works on show at Kunsthalle Mainz, the works of contemporary art pioneer Joseph Beuys in Darmstadt, or the equally contemporary shows at the MMKs 1-3 and the SCHIRN in Frankfurt. Then there is the world-famous Städelmuseum, where the art runs from the Middle Ages right up to the present – the latter in the award-winning underground extension wing.

Other museum features include the country’s architecture, film, and leather museums, the country’s most renowned natural history museum - perfect for a rainy afternoon with kids.

The people of the Frankfurt RheinMain region love their festivals and parties. They are often and particularly in summer celebrating events big and small at museums, vineyards and neighborhood block parties where you can get to know the locals and international residents alike and feel like part of the community. Then there are the multi-day street festivals, presenting special foods or wines that are truly seasonal highlights.

What better place to raise a family

The perfect educational opportunities for your children.
From the moment they see the light of day, here children can look forward to great support. Beginning with high-quality midwifery services, nurseries, preschool and daycare facilities, and public primary schools. Not to mention the many opportunities for international schooling in the region.

A vast range of different forms of junior high and high schools as well as vocational and technical colleges get your children on the track in life best suited to their abilities. One they can continue in the region’s highly ranked universities. Education in general is tuition fee free.

Frankfurt RheinMain – where we take children seriously.
Children from all over the world soon find their feet here and fit in – as they are bound to meet other kids from their own home countries either at school or at the playground. And they will thrive on the array of afternoon indoor and outdoor activities available – be it organized events on the sandy beaches of one of the local lakes or summer kids' festivals with all manner of fun. In fact, we prioritize free access for children – for example to Frankfurt’s museums and swimming pools. Various museums have special programs for kids, in particular during holiday time. And when you are not having to commute long distances, you’ll have all the more time to spend with your kids in the great outdoors – something helped by the German regulations on ample paid parental leave and holiday entitlements.

Become a part of it

You want to learn more about Frankfurt RheinMain activities & local treasures and hidden gems? Check out the regional Tourism website for more information.


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