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Companies from all over the world choose the metropolitan region for their operations to enter, grow or expand within the European market, get access to highly qualified talent and be a connected international community. We operate worldwide and are here for your guidance through starting your business in the heart of Germany. Success made in Frankfurt RheinMain - following companies have established a footprint in the region with our help. 

China | Branch Automotive

Group Lotus/Zhejiang Geely
Holding Group

Raunheim Branch

2018: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group opened a subsidiary named Geely Auto Technical (Deutschland) GmbH in Raunheim close to Frankfurt airport, as its first presence in Germany.

2020: Geely owned London EV Company Ltd. set up a sales office in Frankfurt. This branch is the hub for LEVC sales for the whole of Europe and currently employs about 20 people.

With the renaming of Geely Auto Technical (Deutschland) GmbH to Lotus Tech Innovation Center GmbH, Geely is placing a clear focus on the Lotus brand. The new R&D facility in Raunheim plans to accelerate innovation in new drive systems and next-generation mobility technologies. It currently has 114 employees and is expected to employ around 300 engineers and technology specialists within the next few years as the group accelerates its presence in electrification and new energy vehicles.

2021: Geely Technology Center Germany (GATD) in Raunheim now operates under the name Lotus Tech Innovation Centre (LTIC).

Group Lotus / Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is a Chinese automotive group with 120,000 employees worldwide. The group's best-known brands include Lotus, Geely Auto, Smart, Polestar, Volvo and Proton. Geely Holding Group settled in Raunheim in 2018 with a branch office. Initially, developers will work for several of the automotive group's brands. With Geely's decision to strategically relaunch the Lotus brand by 2028, the development center in Raunheim was also realigned. The group decided that the engineers from Frankfurt RheinMain would concentrate on developing the Lotus brand. The aim is to move more in the direction of premium and luxury with this brand in the future. In Raunheim, 150 employees are currently working to successfully implement this goal.

"Frankfurt and the surrounding area are ideal for the automotive industry. Within a radius of about 200-250 km, you can find all the important suppliers and engineering centers of the famed German automotive industry. At the same time, the excellent transport links, for example through Frankfurt Airport, were decisive for us and our international colleagues. In our site selection process for the engineering centre, the proximity to the race course Nürburgring, where the whole auto industry is testing their cars, and also to our second test track in Dudenhofen proofed extremely important. In addition the co-operative approach by the city government of Raunheim was very helpful during the set-up process. Now, with the support of FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH and their China team, we work towards more responsibilities of our FRM based entities within the Geely group."

Frank Klaas
VP communications Geely c/o LTIC Lotus Tech Raunheim, Germany

USA | Financial Service

Vanguard Group
(Ireland) Limited

Frankfurt Branch

Vanguard set up the Frankfurt office to strengthen its client service offering. Their headcount has grown from 3 employees in 2017 to over 20 today.

The Vanguard Group was founded in 1975 by John C. Bogle with a cooperative ownership structure. Investors who purchase Vanguard funds become, not only, clients but also part owners of the company. Vanguard currently has seven trillion US dollars in assets under management, making them the world’s second largest asset manager after BlackRock. They also manage the largest bond fund worldwide.

The Vanguard Group employs 19,000 people and is represented in all key financial centers. Across its locations in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, London, Paris, Milan, and Zurich, the company employs 800 people Europe-wide. Vanguard holds some of the largest ownership positions in companies such as Alphabet Inc. (formerly Google), PayPal Inc. and Apple, among others.


"Frankfurt am Main was the ideal location for us to establish our operations in Germany. The city is the only place in the world with two central banks: the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Deutsche Bundesbank. And of course, we entered the market by listing our product range on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Another key factor for us is access to highly qualified, internationally-oriented personnel, which we have found here. Last but not least, Frankfurt RheinMain is not just a great place to work but also a great place to live."

Sebastian Külps
Head of Germany & Northern Europe, Vanguard

Korea | Automotive

Nexen Tire
Europe S.R.O

Kelkheim Branch


The European branch and Technical Center of the Korean tire manufacturer Nexen Tire has been based in Kelkheim since 2018. 90 people work on the premises split between a R&D Center, where tires are developed for the European market, and Sales & Marketing  operations.

Nexen Tire Corporation (NEXEN) is a publicly traded manufacturer of automotive tires headquartered in Yangsan, South Korea. The company employs 7000 people worldwide and exports its tires to over 120 countries. By 2025, the company aims to become a top 10 player in the global tire industry - with targeted annual sales of two to three billion US dollars. In 2014, FRM GmbH supported the company in finding a suitable site for its planned Nexen Tire Europe Technical Center. Today, there are 30 researchers and developers working in the Technical Center in the commercial district of Kelkheim-Münster. The building also houses the sales and marketing teams. NEXEN’s biggest success to date is manufacturing tires for the Porsche Panamera. Its next goal: boosting brand awareness. To this end, NEXEN not only extended the sponsoring contract it has had with Eintracht Frankfurt since 2012 but expanded it as well. 


“We value FrankfurtRheinMain as an excellent investment location. Highly qualified staff, first-rate infrastructure as well as close proximity to our customers and production in Eastern Europe provide optimal conditions for growth. FRM has been accompanying the construction of our Europe Technology Center project in Kelkheim by establishing useful contacts with relevant government authorities and networking with the local economy.”

Hee-Jong Lee
Chief of Europe Technology Center
Nexen Tire Corporation

France | Security Service


Rüsselsheim Branch


Two subsidiaries of the group—SORHEA GmbH and TIL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH—have settled in Rüsselsheim. According to the company, the opening of SORHEA GmbH is a first step in the internationalization of the VITAPROTECH Group in the DACH region. FRM GmbH supported the company throughout the entire expansion process. The experts of the international location marketing company coordinated the real estate selection process and established contact with suitable service providers.

VITAPROTECH-Group is the leading French provider of premium perimeter security solutions for industrial sites and critical infrastructure. The company was founded in 2014 and counts such prominent organizations as the airport operator Aéroports de Paris, Sanofi, Airbus, Total, PSA, Nestlé, Lidl, the French rail company SNCF, and the French Ministry of Justice among its client roster. Two subsidiaries of the group—SORHEA GmbH and TIL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH—have settled in Rüsselsheim. According to the company, the opening of SORHEA GmbH is a first step in the internationalization of the VITAPROTECH Group in the DACH region. FRM GmbH supported the company throughout the entire expansion process. The experts of the international location marketing company coordinated the real estate selection process and established contact with suitable service providers.


"The cooperation with FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH has proven to be very useful for us in planning and realizing our expansion goal into Frankfurt RheinMain region. The quality of the support and contacts provided by FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH enabled us to quickly find suitable office space. To date, we have established two new offices in Rüsselsheim and are planning another one in the near future. Close cooperation is still actively ensured today and we would like to thank them for their qualitative support."

Patrick Bachelart

UK | Support Services


Frankfurt Branch

HomeServe PLC enters 2022 the German market with the establishment of a craft group for plumbing, heating and air conditioning (SHK) and opens its German headquarters in Frankfurt am Main to ensure good accessibility and short distances to the individual group members.

HomeServe PLC is a trade services company founded in the UK over 25 years ago by Richard Harpin. Since then, HomeServe has developed into a leading international, innovative service provider focused on plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Currently, more than 7,000 employees work for HomeServe worldwide, serving 8 million customers. The company entered the German market in 2022, adding to its roster of international locations in the USA, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Japan. The company invests in owner-managed businesses in the sanitary, heating and air conditioning sectors that are looking for a business successor. In return, HomeServe supports the businesses in recruiting personnel, negotiating purchasing conditions, marketing, and developing services and processes.  


"We chose Frankfurt as our location because of its central location. We can be reached perfectly from all the trades in our HomeServe Group. Frankfurt RheinMain GmbH supported us both in our search for a location and established contact with regional service partners."

Thomas Rebel
Managing Director, HomeServe Germany

Ireland | ICT & Logistics

ATC Computer Transport
& Logistics GmbH

Mörfelden-Walldorf Branch

ATC Computer transport and Logistics opened a branch in Frankfurt, starting with a team of just 2 people to 28 currently with a live recruitment drive underway through the support of apprenticeship schemes.

ATC Computer Transport & Logistics The Irish specialist for logistics and technical services has been a part of the Frankfurt RheinMain international business community since 2017. The company, which was founded in Dublin in 1979, helps technology companies and cloud service providers transport their IT resources to any European destination and install them safely and securely. ATC started in Germany as a “mini GmbH” with two employees in Mörfelden-Walldorf. Since then, the Irish SME has grown at the location to 30 employees, and the “mini GmbH” has turned into the company’s continental European headquarters. In total, ATC employs 118 people across 7 European countries.  


"FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH has been instrumental in connecting us with local business and regional governments. Their wealth of connections with education and training bodies has been of specific interest to us as we grow our apprenticeships. We are grateful for the connections and practical support FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH provides to support business services and recruitment in Frankfurt region.”

Dr. Keith Young
Managing Director, ATC


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