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Aiming to expand your footprint in a thriving market? Count on our support

Market expertise to boost your success

Our team has the skills and experience to provide guidance and practical assistance to companies at all points in their expansion story.

Great that you have arrived on this page! Because it means you’re at least thinking about expanding your foothold in Germany and are researching the practical implications of setting up a business here. So why not simply ‘drag and drop’ your company into the new market? One that is renowned for the local global business culture.

There are always challenges when you start a business in a foreign country. Rely on our support: we will not only guide you through legal and regulatory requirements, but also recruitment, and help you with legal deadlines as well as fine-tuning the business development strategy to regional specifics. You will benefit from our experience with local specifics, and our network of local partners and service providers.

Our aim is to save you money and ensure you avoid any time-consuming and costly mistakes. We offer a range of services that put all the critical information at your fingertips, giving you the confidence to found or expand your business base in Frankfurt RheinMain – and in Germany, and Europe.

Setting up your subsidiary.
How we work with you

Talking with each other is always a good idea: Whether you have already decided on Frankfurt RheinMain as your chosen location or are still in the decision-making process. Simply start a conversation with us. We will be happy to evaluate your needs through local eyes. And create a facilitation package tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Contact us
    Let’s talk and define how we can best support you. There’s no better way to explore the region’s business potential and discuss location requirements face to face. And based on that initial call or meeting we’ll get to work on your behalf – free of charge, it goes without saying.

  • Get advice
    We will make sure you have all the key information you need. Together, we discuss and plan the next steps, identifying how we can best support your site selection search, help you recruit local staff, and advise on handling the visa paperwork.
    In addition, we can put you through to the right service providers and also check with our partners and the relevant government agencies whether your project is eligible for grants or subsidies.

  • Get it done 
    We assist you in finding the perfect location for your project by reaching out on your behalf to all municipalities and district councils in the region. And our team can gladly narrow down your search for the right site in Frankfurt RheinMain – be it for an office, a warehouse, an R&D unit, or a manufacturing plant. 

  • Getting started
    We are convinced that the best place to start is to get to know the region for yourself – by visiting it. After all, first impressions count most. There’s no better way to choose a location than to get eyes on it, to explore the surroundings, and find out all Frankfurt RheinMain has to offer. And meet us in person.

    We will gladly help you in planning your trip and can arrange initial meetings with key service providers such as lawyers, tax advisors, or the local Economic Development Board and/or Chamber of Commerce.

Residence permits for your Executives

Before commencing work in Germany, all non-EU nationals must hold a residence permit.
This includes staff relocating from your home country to Frankfurt RheinMain. We are at hand to help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

  • To apply for a residence permit, your staff will need to contact the Aliens Office in the city where they intend to reside.
    Either hire a commercial service provider or FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH can provide information regarding the documents that will be required and how to make an appointment with the appropriate immigration authorities.

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