FrankfurtRheinMain is the ideal location for international companies. From here, the entire German and European markets are within easy reach. 

Dynamic IT companies, above all, appreciate the numerous benefits offered by FrankfurtRheinMain. The region is home to Germany's highest density of IT companies, offering a network of software development, IT consultant, system integration and IT services specialists. Highly specialized IT companies and suppliers of base technologies offer customized solutions for the widest range of industries and client needs. 

Three of the five largest German software companies – Software AG and Computer Associates in Darmstadt, and CSC Ploenzke in Wiesbaden – are at home in the region. The region also leads the field in terms of telecommunications. Frankfurt am Main is home to the largest number of telecommunication companies in Germany. Many international leaders in telephony maintain branch offices, as do national and international industry associations, such as BITKOM and EITO. Carriers such as Deutsche Telekom (Frankfurt am Main), Arcor (Eschborn) and Colt (Frankfurt am Main) are among the providers. Powerful subcontractors, such as Nortel (Frankfurt am Main) and Motorola (Taunusstein) are also domiciled in the region. 

Frankfurt am Main is Germany's primary data node. The local De-CIX (German/Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) is Germany's largest data exchange and processes 90% of all domestic and 35% of all European internet traffic. In addition to Deutsche Telekom's network, there is also a fiber optic network in the city that measures some 700 km. The International Netmanagement Center (INC) of Deutsche Telekom is located in Frankfurt am Main and coordinates and controls every single Telekom line. WLAN and UMTS availability covers virtually all of the inner-city areas in the region. To allow full steam ahead on all data highways.


Outstanding technical infrastructure

The De-CIX (Deutscher/German Commercial Internet Exchange) is Germany's largest and Europe's third largest data exchange. In addition to Deutsche Telekom's network, there is also a fiber optic network in Frankfurt am Main that measures some 700 km.

Global players in the field IT/telecommunication

•    Applied Security, Großwallstadt

•    Avaya, Frankfurt am Main

•    Capgemini, Frankfurt

•    Cisco Systems, Eschborn

•    Colt, Frankfurt am Main

•    CA Technologies, Darmstadt

•    CSC Deutschland, Wiesbaden

•    IBM, Frankfurt am Main

•    Microsoft, Bad Homburg

•    Motorola, Taunusstein

•    Software AG, Darmstadt