Transport and traffic hub

FrankfurtRheinMain region is one of the most important traffic hubs in Europe. 35 million people can be reached within a 200 km radius.Things are on the move here - by road, rail, water and air. The main traffic hubs in the region set standards and Frankfurt International Airport is the largest cargo airport on the European mainland. Frankfurt Central Station is the most frequented railway station in Germany. The two highways with the largest volume of traffic meet at the Frankfurter Kreuz junction. And the Rhein and Main rivers are the most important inland waterways in Europe.

Frankfurt am Main airport

Frankfurt airport is the international hub for the European mainland. You, and above all your products, can quickly travel from here to any part of the world. A guarantor of successful business. The airport is perfectly linked to the railway and highway systems. So you can quickly get from FrankfurtRheinMain to all the important centers in Germany and Europe.

Facts and figures

    • 247 destinations in over 100 countries
    • 61 million passengers (2015)
    • Largest cargo airport in Europe (2.1 million tons of cargo)
    • Third largest passenger airport in Europe
    • Passengers can reach the airport from Frankfurt Central Station within 12 minutes by regional express or underground
    • AIRail-Terminal: Flight and train connections interlink perfectly

              Highways – the quickest route by road

              German highways are seen around the world as being synonymous with speed and a closely-linked system of top-quality traffic arteries. Frankfurter Kreuz is the most frequented highway junction in Germany. The two principal traffic arteries of the German highway system meet at the Frankfurter Kreuz junction: the A3 (from western to southern Germany) and the A5 (from northern Germany to Switzerland).

              Rail traffic – traveling in comfort in all directions

              FrankfurtRheinMain  is linked into the high-speed railway system of Deutsche Bahn AG. In just a few hours you can reach all major cities in Germany and neighboring countries: 

              • Frankfurt – Berlin  4h
              • Frankfurt – Cologne 1h
              • Frankfurt – Hamburg 3.5h
              • Frankfurt – Munich 3.5h
              • Frankfurt – Amsterdam 4h
              • Frankfurt – Basle  3h
              • Frankfurt – Brussels 3h
              • Frankfurt – Paris 4h
              • Frankfurt – Zurich 4h

              The Frankfurt Central Station is one of the main passenger stations in Europe and the central rail hub in the RheinMain region.

              Public transport – a network on the move

              The public transport network of the Rhein-Main Transport Association (RMV) covers 14,000 square kilometers, making it the largest in Europe. The Rhein-Main regional express (S-Bahn) has nine lines covering 260 km of track.

              Harbors – closer to the sea than you think

              The Rhein and Main rivers are Europe's most important inland  waterways. They lead up to the Dutch seaports and even down to the Black Sea via the Rhein-Main-Danube Canal. The principal harbors in the FrankfurtRheinMain region are Frankfurt am Main, Hanau and Aschaffenburg.