Invest in FrankfurtRheinMain - a region that is home to the world

The area around the city of Frankfurt am Main and the rivers Rhine (Rhein) and Main, is home to more than 5.5 million inhabitants. The region hosts the largest number of headquarters of international companies in Germany, and people from 180 different countries call FrankfurtRheinMain home. The international communities account for some 12% of the region´s population and 28% of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The FrankfurtRheinMain region offers abundance of international schools and kindergartens to make relocating to Frankfurt such an easy task. Following we would like to provide you with more details about FrankfurtRheinMain as a business location:


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8 reasons to invest in FrankfurtRheinMain


  • Best connected hub worldwide
  • 4,580 departures per week, 299 destinations in 97 countries
  • 47 million consumers in a 200 km radius

2: Center of business

  • 10% of all products "Made in Germany"
  • Core industries: Life Sciences, IT, Automotive, Finance
  • > 70 technology networks at industry clusters

3: Financial Center

  • Leading financial center of continental Europe
  • ECB, EIOPA, SSM, ESRB - "financial capital Europe"
  • > 160 international banks
  • > 15 banks chose Frankfurt as alternative location after Brexit

4: Germany´s digital hub

  • World´s most important internet exchange point
  • Outstanding location for data centers
  • Highly qualified workforce, > 20.000 students enrolled in electr. engineering and informatics
  • Most important IT-cluster in Europe

5: Strong local market

  • Excellent conditions for consumer goods/retailing industry
  • Unique catchment area: 5,6 mio. consumsers /within 60 km),      47 mio. consumers (within 200 km)
  • Purchasing power 13% above German average

6: Talent Pool

  • More than 200.000 students
  • > 100 Bac/Master programs in foreign languages
  • > 80 recommended research centers like Fraunhofer, Max Planck, Leibniz

7: Internationality

  • Most international place in Germany
  • Strong presence of business communities from the US, France, UK, Japan, China, India, Taiwan and Europe´s largest from Korea
  • 30 international schools and a great number of bilingual kindergartens

8: Quality of Life

  • Culture, party, experiences of nature, shopping, sports...always on in 30 minutes!