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Whatfix comes to Frankfurt RheinMain

Whatfix Team Germany

With Whatfix, another international company has decided to open its European branch in Frankfurt RheinMain. The global market leader in the field of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) was supported in its relocation by FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region (FRM GmbH) in close coordination with Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH.

Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, acting mayor of the city of Frankfurt am Main: "It is a great success for all parties involved that a highly innovative company like Whatfix has decided to open its European branch in Frankfurt am Main. This is clear proof that Frankfurt RheinMain is a location that offers companies perfect conditions for the successful development of their business fields. In addition to an outstanding infrastructure, the region's numerous universities and colleges train highly specialized professionals every year, and research and business have traditionally been closely linked in Frankfurt RheinMain. This creates a climate of creative and innovative impulses that makes our region attractive for international companies."

Whatfix, founded in 2014, is headquartered in the US and India     with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Whatfix is the leader in the category of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP). DAPs are software solutions or tools that simplify adopting new technologies in organizations. These tools provide step-by-step guidance in completing specific tasks. DAPs come with self-help menus and links to guides, videos, and articles so users can easily learn a new application. Among other things, these solutions help onboard new employees, enable effective training, and assist with collecting, sorting, and sharing data.    

"Last year, our European business grew by 250% by supporting more than 60 customers in Europe in the automotive, manufacturing, energy, retail and consumer goods, chemicals, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, beverages, and insurance sectors. These include companies such as ALSO, Bauer Media Group, Career Partner Group, Daimler Trucks, Dormakaba, Kroschke, and Quentic. Germany is a key market for Whatfix. Roland Bauer and Rajesh Ramasamy spearhead the new and the expansion businesses for Whatfix as AVP of Sales, EMEA, and AVP of Account Management, EMEA, respectively. Today, we support 6 of the top 15 largest companies in Germany and are soon launching a German version of our platform and our website for the market. From our Frankfurt office, we can reach our customers faster and more effectively     ", said Khadim Batti, cofounder and CEO of Whatfix.    

To simultaneously meet the data protection requirements of its customers, Whatfix also established two data centers in Europe: The first in Frankfurt am Main, the other in Oslo. These centers comply with strict European data protection guidelines and ensure extensive protection of all customer and user data.

"The location of Whatfix's European branch once again makes it clear that Frankfurt RheinMain is one of the locations where global companies prefer to set up operations. Thanks to its central location, an excellently developed infrastructure and already existing industry clusters, our region offers these companies perfect conditions to work closely with their partners and support customers throughout Europe," said Stephanie Wüst, City Councillor for Economy, Law and Reform of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

FRM GmbH accompanied the first steps of the settlement of Whatfix. The India team around Dr. Kasturi Dadhe supported the company in cooperation with the city's economic development department in establishing contacts with regional business networks.

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