French consortium VITAPROTECH-Group opens two new companies in Ruesselsheim -

Frankfurt RheinMain's international business community continues to grow: the French VITAPROTECH-Group has established two companies in Ruesselsheim.

The company was supported in this by FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region (FRM GmbH) in cooperation with the Economic Development Department of the City of Ruesselsheim.

Udo Bausch, Lord Mayor of the City of Ruesselsheim and member of the supervisory board of FRM GmbH: "Especially in economically challenging times, it is very gratifying when an international company decides to settle in our region and city. In the case of the French VITAPROTECH Group, we can even be pleased about two companies settling in Rüsselsheim at the same time. For me, this is a clear sign that our city is becoming more and more attractive for French companies. It also shows that our local location development with the contact persons of the Economic Development Agency and the international marketing in cooperation with FRM GmbH is working very successfully and is the right concept for us."

VITAPROTECH is the French and European market leader in premium security solutions for industrial sites and critical infrastructure. The group's current 14 companies develop, produce and distribute customised hardware and software for security solutions that secure access to particularly security-relevant areas such as power plants, prisons, industrial infrastructures and banking institutions. These include perimeter protection, video surveillance, intrusion monitoring, visitor management and access control using comprehensive and end-to-end cyber-secure solutions or infrared barriers and detection cables. Founded in 2014, the VITAPROTECH Group has since successfully established and expanded a network of agents and distributors in France and abroad. Well-known customers of the company include, for example, the airport operator Aéroports de Paris, Sanofi, Airbus, Total, PSA, Nestlé, Lidl, the French railway company SNCF and the French Ministry of Justice.

The company SORHEA GmbH and TIL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH have settled at the Ruesselsheim site. According to the company, the opening of SORHEA GmbH is a first step in the internationalisation of the VITAPROTECH Group in the DACH region.

"Our goal is to make Germany our second largest market after France, where SORHEA has a turnover of 8 million euros. We expect to win between 15 and 20 projects per year by 2022. The German market has huge potential as many sites are not yet equipped with advanced protection devices," said Benjamin Tate, Head of International Sales at SORHEA.

The VITAPROTECH Group was supported by FRM GmbH throughout the entire location process. The experts from the international location marketing company coordinated the property selection process in close consultation with the company and the region and established contact with suitable service providers.

"We received 26 real estate offers from the Frankfurt RhineMain region. In October 2021, we accompanied the company to several property visits. The company finally chose Office twenty-M in Rüsselsheim," says Eric Menges, President & CEO of FRM GmbH.

Both companies, SORHEA GmbH and TIL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, are initially planning five new jobs each and an investment of over 4 million euros. In addition, preparations for the foundation of a third GmbH are already underway.