Celtic Chieftain from the Glauberg visits FRM GmbH -

The year 2022 in Hessen is dedicated to the Celts. From March to December, special exhibitions, excursions, workshops, lectures and guided tours on the theme "Celtic Land Hesse - Archaeological Traces in the Heart of Europe" will take place at numerous locations. We are also participating: for one year, a Celtic Chieftain replica by the artist Ottmar Hörl stands prominently in our reception area.

The Celtic Chieftain replica serves as a brand ambassador for the umbrella brand "Culture in Hesse".

Peter Feldmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FRM GmbH and Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt: "With the support of the State of Hesse, we have succeeded in exhibiting a replica of the famous Celtic Chieftain from the Glauberg for one year on the premises of FRM GmbH. As a somewhat different ambassador of our region, he will welcome numerous guests from abroad - and bring them closer to an often-underestimated part of our cultural heritage. The Celts have left their traces in Hesse. At the Glauberg, but also elsewhere. The Nidda and Main rivers, for example, owe their names to the Celts. And: the Celtic Prince is a real eye-catcher, a mysterious figure surrounded by an almost mystical aura. He makes people curious about the Glauberg - and he makes them curious about Frankfurt RheinMain."

The statue of the Celtic Chieftain from the Glauberg is unique in the world and the highlight of the State Archaeological Museum Keltenwelt on the Glauberg (Wetterau district). The Celtic Chieftain was found in 1996 during excavations at the foot of the Glauberg. The sandstone statue from around 400 BC is 1.86 m tall and weighs 230 kilograms and presumably depicts a Celtic warrior, ruler and cultic leader. The Celtic Chieftain wears protective armour and golden neck, arm and finger rings. He is armed with a sword and shield. The distinctive headdress, reminiscent of ears, is interpreted as headgear with mistletoe leaves.

Jan Weckler, District Administrator of the Wetterau District: "As a representative of the Wetterau District, I am of course very pleased that it is possible to exhibit the Celtic Chieftain in Frankfurt thanks to the cooperation with the State of Hesse. There is no comparable find of this era anywhere in the world and the Glauberg is thus one of the most outstanding archaeological sites in Europe. The Museum of Celtic World at Glauberg, where the real Chieftain can be admired, is only about 50 kilometres north-east of Frankfurt. Frankfurt RheinMain is the region of short distances and diversity. From Frankfurt, you can be in the midst of nature and prehistoric history within a very manageable distance and time."

The "Celtic Land Hesse" project initiated by the State of Hesse aims to open up a new perspective on our ancestors and has focused on the Celts in Hesse. The period from 800 BC onwards saw the beginning of major changes in the economy, society and culture that form the basis of our society today. Intensive trade relations with the Mediterranean region led to new ideas and innovations in all areas of life during the time of the Celts. The Celts minted coins, produced glass jewellery and their swords made of steel-like iron were in great demand at that time. However, one looks in vain for written records of the Celts - they did not leave any written evidence. The Celts were not a unified people but were made up of individual tribes. The Greeks and Romans gave these tribes the names "Celts" and "Gauls".

"Frankfurt RheinMain plays right at the forefront when it comes to technology and research. From data centres for the cloud to Corona vaccines to artificial intelligence and financial transactions at the speed of light, everything is available within a few kilometres. But our foreign customers are always fascinated by the fact that connections to the Celts and Romans are tangible and tangible everywhere in our region. In this respect, it is a nice story for our international visitors that they look from our office directly over the shoulder of a Celtic Chieftain at the best-connected airport in the world," says Eric Menges, President & CEO of FRM GmbH.