Who may open, who remains closed? -

Presently there are many questions as to, what could be the current possibilities? This is true that some of the past restrictions have been relaxed now. However, at the same time the fact remains, that the threat from the virus is still there.

In case if ignored, this could cause infections that are more serious in nature, increasing the number of death count. We need to be clean on this.

 Here is what may open:

  • Shops (including the ones in shopping centers) with less than 800 square meters of retail space. Larger stores have the option of reducing their retail space to 800 square meters. The separation must be clearly noticeable.
  • All bookstores, car & bicycle dealers.

In all of the above, it is necessary that:

  • Only one customer per 20 square meters is allowed in each store in order to avoid


  • In case of areas having bottlenecks and for the cash counters, a separate channel should be set up.
  • Shops belonging to all the categories are allowed to deliver ordered goods or have them picked up.
  • Ice-cream parlours are allowed to deliver and sell at their counters. Sufficient distance needs to be maintained. There should be no consumption in the radius of 50 meters.
  • Permission is granted to reopen drive-in cinemas, libraries and archives.


Further relaxation in regulation after 4th May, clearly depends on how well we adhere to the precautionary measures.

Stay healthy!